Stuart Cook

Managing Director

Stuart has worked in the power and utilities sector since 1990. He is a former member of the Gas & Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA, Ofgem’s Board) and was PwC’s Head of Utility Strategy & Regulation for five years.

  • More About Stuart

    Stuart has a wide experience of advising on strategy, regulation, the delivery of strategic and regulatory change, and on securing regulatory compliance.

    Beginning with the first ever energy price control review (for National Grid in 2000), he has a track record of advising during price control processes. Over the course of his career, he has advised and worked with over 20 different price control teams.

    Whilst at PwC, he was part of the leadership team for the Delivery Partner consortium that supported Ofwat during the 2014 price control review (PR14). His most recent price control experience includes a major water company, a transmission company, a gas distribution business and an electricity distribution business.

    Stuart supported Ofwat during Bristol Water’s appeal to the Competition & Markets Authority and worked with two network companies during the appeal of their price control determinations. Separately, he supported five companies facing Ofgem enforcement investigations.

    Stuart is an experienced programme manager. He has been at the heart of industry change programme in the UK and Australia, including the Faster Switching programme, Project Nexus, Electricity Market Reform, and the design and implementation of arrangements to support retail competition.

Karen Dawson

Principal Director

Karen has over 30 years' experience ​of advising energy sector clients in more than 40 countries worldwide. She was PwC’s global subject matter expert on market restructuring and advised regulators, utilities and investors on all aspects of liberalisation and privatisation.

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    Karen has been involved in the energy sector since the privatisation of electricity and gas in the UK. She has advised on many on the subsequent market restructurings, including retail liberalisation, the introduction of regulatory incentives for network companies, the move to short-term bidding and balancing, and the use of contracts for difference for new generation.

    Her international work has included advising regulators and energy ministries on the implications of alternative restructuring decisions and comparisons between different regulatory approaches, as well as advising major utilities on the commercial impacts of proposed changes and strategic options to mitigate risks.

    She has provided regulatory and industry expertise for disputes, market entry decisions and commercial due diligence.

    As an experienced programme manager, she has run multi-year, multi-country projects, interfacing with a wide range of counterparties at governmental and board level.

Elisa Cartesi


Elisa is a Regulation and Strategy specialist who focuses on advising companies and regulators on the challenges associated with the UK’s drive to Net Zero.

  • More About Elisa

    Her experience spans the power, gas, water and transport sectors.

    She has advised companies on how they can best manage and respond to regulatory change and supported the development of regulatory business plans.

    Her work with regulators includes the development of policy and strategy, stakeholder engagement plans and the design of outcomes and incentives frameworks. When working for the Office of Rail and Road, she contributed to the UK Government’s structural reform of the rail industry.

Jenni Greenfield


Jenni is a graduate analyst and prior to joining Complete Strategy, she completed a Mathematics degree at the University of Warwick. Jenni is excited to be getting immediately involved in energy technology issues and water sector challenges.

Arthur Mitchell

Senior Manager

Arthur is a strategy consultant focused on helping energy and utilities clients address novel challenges, including managing the transition to a low carbon future.

  • More About Arthur

    Arthur’s experience includes a wide variety of regulatory, strategy and due-diligence engagements. Arthur has supported a world-leading VC firm in developing a clean tech strategy, helped multiple companies with regulatory price controls, and has led on a number of complex transactions. Arthur has particular subject matter expertise in clean energy, smart metering (energy and water) and the shift towards net zero.

    Prior to joining Complete Strategy, Arthur was a Senior Manager in PwC’s Strategy. In addition to his client work, Arthur was responsible for New Joiner Onboarding and oversaw the training of over 100 Consultants. Arthur has a first-class honours degree in Engineering from the University of Bristol.

Emma Morrow

Commercial Manager

Emma studied law at the Birmingham University and provides us with commercial advice.

Amanda Rogers

Business Manager

Amanda helps our team to focus on the needs of our clients and to deliver to the highest standards. She manages our business on a day-to-day basis.

Martin Silcock

Associate Director

Martin has over 30 years experience in senior executive roles and providing advice to regulated utilities in the water and energy sectors. He specialises in regulation, strategy, policy and market change.

  • More About Martin

    Martin is an independent consultant working with clients in the water and energy sectors. He worked as Head of Regulatory Strategy at Anglian Water for 15 years leading two price control reviews, developing strategy and leading on sector reform. He played an instrumental role in implementing the non household water market as Director of Market Services at MOSL. He has worked at PwC and a number of other consultancies advising on regulation, sector change, market implementation, assurance and organisational change. He is currently a member of the Customer Engagement Group for Cadent Gas.

Suzie Turner


Suzie has been working as an economics consultant in regulated industries (including the energy, water and transport sectors) for over 15 years.

  • More About Suzie

    Suzie has been working as an economics consultant in regulated industries (including the energy, water and transport sectors) for over 15 years.

    During this time, she has provided advice to both economic regulators and the companies that they regulate. Suzie worked with Ofwat for a number of years supporting them with their PR14 and PR19 price controls and the Water 2020 project. At Ofgem, Suzie was part of the core team working on the gas distribution network sales process as well as advising on gas offtake arrangements and incentives.

    Since joining Complete Strategy, Suzie has been supporting both gas and electricity distribution companies through the RIIO-2 price control process. Prior to joining Compete Strategy, she was working as an independent consultant, having started her career with PwC.

    Suzie has a degree in Economics from Cambridge University and a Masters in Economics from University College London.